Eurrsk Gambit

A Rare Occurance

Gisli's Day Off

A scholar’s work is never done but sometimes one must take a break to avoid burning out entirely. For the most part, when in space, Gisli spends her time working on various projects and keeping an eye on her troublesome charge. She is rarely seen without something in her hands and will frequently retire early with her datapad to “do research” or figure out a good path for the ship to take.

When she can get off ship, however, it is another story. Gisli was raised in relative luxury and though she does not make much of a fuss while on ship, it is clear that she is most comfortable in a more refined environment. Whenever you make berth in a larger space port she will head to one of the local restaurants for a lovely, quiet meal, before heading to a spa. There Gisli will treat herself to a mud bath, exfoliating scrub, deep tissue massage, or all of the above and will most often drift off in the holo room to images of Alderaan sunset beaches, near where she was raised.

If she is in a more adventurous mood, Gisli will head over to a particular chain of establishments known for their casual atmosphere and variety of experiences provided at reasonable cost.


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