Khui Khawy’Ra



Bothan Smuggler Scoundrel/Mercenary Soldier

Brawn 2
Agility 4
Intellect 2
Cunning 3
Willpower 2
Presence 2

Charm *
Cool *
Coordination *
Deception * * *
Discipline *
Gunnery *
Leadership *
Perception *
Piloting Space *
Ranged Heavy *
Ranged Light * *
Skulduggery * *
Streetwise * *
Knowledge Underworld *
Vigilance *

Scoundrel Talents: Quick Draw, Rapid Reaction, Quick Strike, Black Market Contacts.
Mercenary Soldier talents: Second Wind, Point Blank, Side Step, Strong Arm, Natural Marksman, Sniper Shot, Lethal Blows, True Aim


Being a gambler doesn’t mean being reckless, at least not inherently, though it can be hard to see the difference sometimes. One in a million events happen millions of times every day, in a large enough region of space. You never expect to shift a pure Sabacc against an Idiots Array, the most important thing, is to figure out how to get back into the game after it happens.

Khui is a gambler. Not the never tell me the odds type, but the always knowing the odds type. And sometimes, when someone tells you they need a big win, the rational course, is to take a big risk. When your families prestige is on the line. . .. It would be easier actually if folks blamed him. He could take the blame, get shunned, make contrition, and the family could move on. But the actions of the junior reflect on the senior, and big brother isn’t one to grovel and beg forgiveness where he can’t perceive fault.

So we climb out of the hole the old fashioned way, or maybe, just maybe, we keep digging till we find buried treasure.

Khui Khawy’Ra

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