Cheriss Tokell ("Violet")

Corellian Ace (Fighter Pilot and Munitions Expert)


Cheriss is a human woman with light skin and black hair. She is short in stature and has a low, gravelly voice. Cheriss’ accent and gilded vibrorapier mark her as a member of the Corellian nobility.

Cheriss wears a high-collared longcoat over the armored flight suit of the Corellian Planetary Guard. In battle, she supplements her blaster pistol and vibrorapier with a diverse array of grenades.


Cheriss Tokell belongs to a defunct Corellian noble house. The unity government illegitimatized House Tokell after media investigators exposed the true depth of the house’s anti-Imperial activities. No longer able to turn a blind eye, Corellia’s five-planet government seized Tokell properties and assets and expelled the house’s members from positions of government and military service.

Unable to return to her home, Cheriss piloted her HLAF-500 attack fighter straight to the Outer Rim and gave it to her family’s Rebel allies in House Iblis. After a series of adventures working as a co-pilot on a freighter, Cheriss’ growing resentment of the Empire drove her back into alliance with Rebels. She has since proven a reliable agent in all manner of operations.

[Art credit: Mitchell Mohrhauser]

Cheriss Tokell ("Violet")

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