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Third best piece of news all day. . .

_To: khui.k.r
From: ####

Yes, in response to your inquiry the Alderaanian peppercorn that you sometimes see at spaceport markets is not Alderaanian at all, it merely has a similar appearance, and most people never having had the original can’t tell the difference in their wine. The best source I know for the real thing is a group of Ithorians who maintains an Alderaanian seed bank, so your request is not impossible. But given the current profiteering oriented demand for the product, and the fact that they appear to view seed-keeping as some sort of religious experience, convincing them may be a challenge._

“Ama, I appear to have a hot hand today, remind me not to let it go to my head.” Khui turned his attention back the the sword he sat fiddling with, a sword that was worth more than the Khonsunut, at least to someone. “Why would he be willing to pay so much more than others. Why did he have a captive princess who asked us about finding a crown. If they are related why didn’t the princess say something about the sword. Could just be chance, but assuming coincidence is a waste of time.”

“What was it you said? ‘Not every map, nephew, needs to be fancy and high tech. While astrogation is concerned with very small things, that move constantly, astronomy is concerned with large things that don’t. Astronomy only needs four points of data to locate something. You could hide a complete map in the dots on a napkin, the bubbles in a piece of glass, or even the impurities in a bulkhead’.”

Grabbing his data slate Khui drafted two notes:
+T’ann, when we are in port can you look into a small hydroponics bay that would fit in one of the ship cabins.
+Gisli, +T’ann, can you guys get me a molecular level scan this sword before we turn it over.


MrStr4ng3 karolusb

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