KhonsuNut (Modified)

A modified Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter


An ambitious but ultimately-failed attempt to compete with CEC’s YT-series light freighters, the 720 class was produced by the now-defunct Ghtroc Industries. Ghtroc was well respected as a builder of high-quality freighters. The 720 class was seen by Ghtroc’s designers as a way to corner the light freighter market in the Outer Rim and unseate the more successful offerings of its competitors.

The ship carries a crew of two with accommodations for ten passengers. Two secure cargo holds take up the majority of the port and starboard midships space, with crew and passenger berthing forward abaft the extended bridge and command deck. The ship’s reactor and engineering spaces are located amidships beneath a panoramic observation dome, a strange luxury in a freighter. The matched banks of GI/80.b Overthruster ion engines are housed in heavily armored nacelles in the bows of the ship, flanking the bridge as opposed to being mounted in the ship’s stern. Combined with the angled aft escape pod launchers, the freighter has a rather testudine appearance.

Although heavily armored, the 720 class is lightly armed. Equipped standard with a single turret-mounted twin light laser cannon, the weak armament is considered the most glaring deficiency in an otherwise well-constructed ship.

Like most light freighters, the 720 class was designed with modification in mind. Indeed, most in operation today bear little resemblance to the ships that came off the assembly line at the Ghtroc shipyards. Although never as popular as their parent company hoped, these ships have a small but passionate following among free traders and smugglers in the Outer Rim.


The KhonsuNut

Silhouette: 4
Speed: 3 (4 with High-output Ion Turbine attachment)
Handling: -2

Defense: 1/—/—/1
Armor: 5

Hull Trauma: 28
System Strain: 15 (14 with High-output Ion Turbine attachment)

Hull Type/Class: Freighter/720
Manufacturer: Ghtroc Industries
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 15
Navicomputer: Yes
Sensor Range: Medium
Ship’s Complement: One pilot, one co-pilot
Encumbrance Capacity: 150 (+ 50 smuggling hold)
Passenger Capacity: 10
Consumables: Two months
Cost/Rarity: 112,000 credits/8
Customization Hardpoints: 4 (2 remaining)
Attachments: High-output Ion Turbine attachment, Smuggling Hold

Weapons: Dorsal turret-mounted twin light laser cannon (Fire Arc All; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Close]; Linked 1)


When Eurrsk Rurra’bek first came to this sector, the KhonsuNut was his ship. Once he was able to afford a new YT-2400, Eurrsk gave command of the KhonsuNut to his first mate and most valued employee, Djau Khawy’Ra.

KhonsuNut (Modified)

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