Teen shaman-in-training Ewok


Shaman apprentice, Seer, ability to see beneath and beyond
Communion with all living entities
Extreme curiosity and interest to learn how things work and function
A sense of “lawlessness” at this age with disbelief that things could really ever go very wrong (after such a safe and protected upbringing in a secure world)


I, Oo-na was born and raised on the forest moon of Endor, as I later learned the Empire and outsiders call it, but to us, it is SAMA’AN – home of trees and streams. The eldest of 14 brothers, and son of the apothecary, I was set to have an exciting life no matter what road my life took, little did I know it would take me off world – but that’s a different story. At the age of 6, or so I’m told, I was playing with my brother Na’ana and we ran into the Shaman’s hut. Inside were many exciting toys and I couldn’t help but pick up a small box, gilded with winter moss that grows on the oldest trees beyond the large field. It was magnetic and I knew, somehow it was mine. I didn’t hear the old Shaman come into his hut and suddenly he called my name, “Oo-na.” I started. “What are you doing in here little one?” he asked with a force that had made me cower during ceremony circle. I hawked, and finally held out my hand showing him that I’d picked up his winter moss box. I expected retribution, swift and fast, for it wrong to enter any hut when not invited, but even more, we never take things that don’t belong to us (though there’s generally no issue with borrowing something to see how it works). But that’s just it, I felt the box belonged to me. It was part of me, and as I stood there looking up into his old hazened eyes, I realized that he knew it too. That was the first day of my shaman training.
I enjoyed my time as the shamans apprentice, and the work came swift and easy to us. I learned the trick of seeing, and also how to see without believing so that I could see what’s beneath.
It was many moons after that day, on the eclipse of Enoch, when I was removed from my home and taken into a new life….


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