L-1 (“Limited One”) Series Load-Lifter, Fire Suppression Configured


Special Abilities: Droids do not need to eat, sleep, or breathe, and are unaffected by toxins. Droids have a cybernetic implant cap of 6 instead of their Brawn rating. In addition, after selecting their career, a Droid Player Character may train one rank in six of the eight career skills (instead of the usual four). After selecting their first specialization, a Droid Player Character may train one rank in three of the four specialization skills (instead of the usual two).

Inorganic: Since droids are inorganic, they do not gain the benefits of recovering with a bacta tank, Stimpack, or Medicine skill checks. Droids do recover naturally by resting, as their systems attempt self-repairs. Otherwise, droids need to be tended to wit a Mechanics check, using the same difficulties and results of Medicine checks for organic beings. Emergency repair patches can be used to repair damage just like stimpacks are used on organic beings. See page 220 for more on droid repairs and healing. Due to their resilient metallic construction, droids start the game with one rank in the Enduring talent.

Mechanical Being: Droids cannot become Force sensitive, nor acquire a Force Rating by any means. Droids cannot use Force powers, and also cannot be affected by mind-altering Force powers.



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