Dorn Rayley

The EX

They Weren’t All bad Times

Three days outside of Void Station in a one man scout, Khui dropped out of hyperspace to see the massive gas giant just eclipsing the distant blue sun. There was a man here, partial to a game of chance, a disaffected employee of fabritech, who rumor had it had specifications for a new ship type being designed around the V-19 chassis. Khui knew it wouldn’t take long to grab the specs and head back for home and a nice little payday.

Off in the distance a red swirl on the planets surface caught his attention, as unusually bright, coming closer he realized that huge portions of the gas mining facility were ablaze. Without thinking he accelerated toward unburning parts of the dockyards, no plan in mind.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” his com system crackled to life, “you’re not likely to find what you are looking for, and that place is definately unstable”. It was obviously true, at that moment the last atmospheric escape ship launched form the facility, and a huge processing spur tore away, falling into the crushing pressure below.

“Who are you?”, Khui was scanning to try to find the source of the communication, and spotted a HWK-290 pulling out of the atmosphere.

“Call me Dorn, the survivors will make their way to Platform 17, it’s the closest facility, what you are looking for may be there.”

Khui’s mind raced, as he made his way to the nearest platform to wait for the survivors, was this an accident, would the mark be too agitated to talk, and why did that voice sound familiar.

It was several hours later, sitting in an austere mining platform bar, that he saw her. She headed towards him without hesitation. “I thought I recognized that accept, Bothiwui right? I’m from Mandell. Didn’t figure this was all a coincidence, though the accident might have been legit. Yours was the fourth ship too small to transport meaningful quantities of gas to show up today.” Khui floundered for words as he kept making motions to cut in to her barrage of speech.

“So somethings up, I get it, you look a lot less menacing than the other guys though, wouldn’t figure you for a bounty hunter, but you have something they don’t, me. So seriously spill already…”

Dorn Rayley

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