Djau Khawy'Ra

Captain of KhonsuNut


Explorer: Trader
Agility- 2

Knowledge (outer rim)*
Knowledge (core)*
Range (Light)*

Know Somebody*
Smooth Talker*
Convincing Demanor*
Wheel and Deal**

[extra xp] 30

Light blaster pistol
Heavy clothing
com link
stim pack

(100 cred left)


Djau is the oldest brother of the Khawy family, of the Ra clan. The main family is located on the Bothawui home world. Djau joined an exploration venture ten years ago in order to better position the family in hopes that his younger sister Satiah would make a better marriage match by the prestige for the family that would come from the venture. The venture did not go as planned and Djau instead of being able to return home has stayed out on the rim trying to help maintain and improve the family position from afar.

Djau’s story:
“It’s an easy mission”, that’s what he said. Little did I know that when Eurrsk Rurra’bek, captain of the KhonsuNut and friend to my father said easy, what he meant was easy for him.

My sister Satiah was to be presented that spring. While my family was not poor, we were by no means the wealthiest in our area. Our family, Khawy, are lucky in that my father, principal secretary to a Bothan minor governor, moved us to the homeworld when I was 8. Most of our clan ‘Ra still reside in the Kothlis colonies. We live in one of the main trade ports for the homeworld and as secretary to the governor my father has come to know a lot of traders. Eurrsk had graced our tables many times over the years with stories of far off places and close encounters with the Hutts while on Imperial missions. My brother Khui, would often hang on his words and you could see the excitement in his eyes. For me, I was planning to follow my father. Being a political secretary definitely has its advantages and as my father often said, those who read their mail, ALL of their mail, are often more knowledgeable and can have greater influence than their political representative. And so I became a courier to my father, fetching and delivering and running errands as needed. Such was an errand that landed me with Eurrsk. I had been requested especially to courier a package from Bothawni to Trovolis aboard the KhonsuNut. This was not unusual although our destination was. Normally my runs would take me to Kothlia, allowing me to stay connected with our clan and ferry information from my father along with official business. The trip to Torolis was somewhat different. It was a clandestine drop of a package at a bar on the outskirts of the port, under a specific bar stool. The only problem was that the particular barstool in question at that time had a particularly nasty looking Rodian sitting on it. With no other instructions and no idea what was in the package I decided to wait till the coast was clear before I made the drop. I waited an hour and was finally rewarded with an empty seat and a fairly empty bar that allowed me attach the package to the underside of the stool and leave.
Elated that I had finished my first real assignment without any mishaps, I returned to the ship.

We were not out of atmo before a wave came asking why the package was never delivered. Confused, I confirmed I had followed orders only to find out that the package was intended for the Rodian. Heading back to the bar, checking the stool, the package was gone. The council representative whose errand I was on, was furious and told me not to bother coming back. Eurrsk took pity on me and gave me a position on his ship, thus allowing me a plausible reason why I would not be returning. That I had decided, like my brother, that I wanted to explore the galaxy beyond on borders. My father never openly acknowledged that he knew of the mistake, but how could he not know. Determined to fix the damage that I could I promised the council representative that I owed him a favor. To this day he has never collected although I expect when he does it will be at a much higher rate of interest than I ever expected.

Djau Khawy'Ra

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