Eurrsk Gambit

Settling a Score

summary of 9/7

The group decides to use the slave ship to approach Anchor’s pleasure barge. Sanchro goes through the space station to try and find a contact and get information about who Anchor is holding captive. He did find out that Anchor has another sub-bounty out for other people around the crew. Khui is getting worried about what is going on in the Bone Yard. No one is able to find out who Anchor is holding. Ta’an is able to find a nearby hut. Gorga the Hut, is operating the Hut cartel in the sector. Gorga is the younger nephew of a powerful hut called Jaba who is operating on a small backwater planet called Tatooine. The connection Ta’an made gets the group with a meeting with Gorga’s lieutenant Rhysode. The group flies the Khonsunut to the planet Correlia. Take a cab to meet Rhysode in a café. As the group walks in we see the human bounty hunter female who has almost killed Ta’an when the Sleeper crew member Corinth was rescued from the motel room.
The group gets shown into a private room, Rhysode is not in the room. A green light flashes and chimes. Rhysode walks in and is flanked by two wookies. Sanchro takes the lead in negotiations with Rhysode. Offer to make the connection between Gorga and Anchro, Gorga’s connections and status for Anchro’s cash. Rhysode is willing to pass the information to Gorga and make the connection. Sanchro passes the lightsaber to Rhysode as a gift for Gorga. Once the group completes the meal, they decide to leave. Khui had stepped prior to the meeting with Rhysode in a disguise to talk with the female bounty hunter. Khui asks as a groupie to the bounty hunter. While he distracts the bounty hunter, the rest of the group gets their weapons from coat check and leave. The group received a communicator that will work in the sector so they head back to the space station.
Recognize the citadel class freighter was parked near the ship on Center Point station and is now parked near the ship on Correlia. From inside the ship Gisli is able to hack the docking registry and find that it is the Duchess. Xerba Corp is the owner of the ship. They docked shortly after the Khonsunut with crew leave as reason for docking. Captain of the Duchess is a Keer Vang. The citadel has a crew of 4 and 14 passenger capacity. The group leaves and heads back to Center Point station. Ta’an checks out the work on the slaver ship and makes sure it was worth the 10,000 credits. Gisli keeps a watch and spots that the Duchess has returned to Center Point a few hours after the group docks. Ta’an does a full mechanics check with Ini and after 4 hours finds another tracer, this time on top of the ship.
Khui enlists the dock urchins as to where the crew of the Duchess went. The urchins say the guys have hard eyes and should be left alone. Ta’an and Ini check the slaver ship and verify no tracker. Ini modifies some of her painting droids to be surveillance for both shops to watch. Gisli modifies the tracker and we place it on the slave ship. The tracker now is sending signal to us and modified so the Duchess doesn’t know it was tampered with. Daju gave the slaver ship a 2 hours head start before the Khonsunut left. Khui takes the time to find a Sabbat game.
Rhyosde calls the group back and says the Gorga was trying to get an audience with Anchor. If the group can get an audience directly with Anchor to deliver a message from Gorga. On the way back from Sabatt game an urchin tells Khui that when the Duchess crew left they didn’t pay for re-supplies as they look to be governmental types. The group leaves Center Point and heads to Corelia to pick up the holo message from Gorga which is in an R2-K2 unit that is DNA coded to the hut DNA. Once the unit is picked up the slaver ship is contacted and find that they are on a transport mission. Stuck on Drawl for 3 days. The Khonsunut is swaped for the slaver ship and head for Anchors barge. A sensor sweep shows that the Duchess is not in the area. Once landed, Sanchro is shown to his luxury suite as the ambassador and takes the R2-K2 unit with him. Khui contacts his girlfriend and asks her to stroll up the landing area. A bat guy comes to visit Sanchro and find out why he wants a meet with Anchor.
Khui leaves the ship to go meet his girlfriend. She has a side deal to steal a sabor for a guy she owes a favor to. The job is for 60k, she is willing to give Khui 30k, is he steals while she distracts the guy from his room. Khui gets the security info from her. Room keys are required to get through doors. Splicing required with other areas. Khui returns to the ship and Gisli is able to copy to the key Khui provided so the crew can move throughout the ship. Sanchro convinces the security guards to take him down to the booking area to see if by any chance our missing person is there. He looks at the booking photos and doesn’t see who the crew is looking for. Sanchro gets notified that he is number 15 on the dockets for the morning. The evening before, the crew decided to steal the saber for Khui’s girlfriend. Gisli makes a video loop of an empty hallway. Khui and Ta’an head to the hallways to get into the room. Daju is hanging out in the stairwell and hallway to keep lookout. Once Khui opens and slips into the room with Ta’an, he notices the room lights are out and someone is in the bedroom. Khui sneaks a look and sees a human woman in the room who he doesn’t recognize. Khui checks the safe and finds 10,000 credits. He then goes back to the bedroom and sees the woman is a prisoner. Khui gets Ta’an to free her manacles while he grabs the saber. Princess Harana Sititath is from a small provincial area in Lanique system near Bothan space. The princess is a bit uppity but the group finally makes it back Sanchro’s suite and she sets herself up in the bedroom.
Ta’an and Daju head up with Sanchro in the morning to wait for an audience with Anchor. Ta’an is in bounty hunter gear. Anchro is grateful for the brokering of the deal. The debt is cleared and the captive friend will be released as well as the outstanding bounties canceled. Agent Lyra Wyfell the ISB agent who identified the false uniforms and hunted the group down when rescuing a Sleeper crew member. She is as surprised as the group is that she was the one who was taken. She now the crew a favor and they let her go after providing her a safe number to contact them with. Khui contacts his girlfriend who will meet up with him later for the swap. The princess is from the planet Akfar. Apparently there are succession wars going on that planet.


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