Eurrsk Gambit


To: booli.c.r
From: khui.k.k

Look, I realize that it isn’t your specialty, but we are talking about an exotic species that has a high black market demand and exists only on a corporate bio-mining planet. This is a species with a very high aperiodic extinction index. I am trying to do you guys a favor here, we both understand the pain the universe feels at such a terrible loss, and this particular species has unique properties that certainly make it worth study. I do understand your concerns, and while I cannot speak to the entire provenance of the specimens, I am certain they come to you without violence.

As to my request I hope you understand that my intent to provide an artificial habitat for the peppercorn is undertaken for the purposes of a meditation garden, not for commercial agricultural purposes.


MrStr4ng3 karolusb

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