Eurrsk Gambit

Late night at the office

To: Eurrsk.r.b
From Khui.k.r
Re: Don’t mention this quite yet. . .

Ama Eu

Remember how you used to tell us of your first job on a starship, being the apprentice to that crazy astrogator on The First Heather, the one who insisted on doing all his calculations using ancient Rakatan charts that had to be calculated forward to produce modern results. I remember how you said it used to take him forever to plot a course, but that you never saw more efficient or accurate jumps.

Anyway, I had been trying to hold off telling you this until it was in hand, but it is so close now that I might as well give you the heads up. I was playing some Sabacc and this fellow who had had too much to drink was going on about how he bought a treasure map, or more specifically the astrogation logs of a ship called the Night’s Dark Plunder, (yeah seriously THE Night’s Dark Plunder), of course he lamented their worthlessness, so no one would stake him for them. . .. Why worthless? Well they were 3000 year out of date RAKATAN charts. Well at least that’s my guess based on how he described them and how you described those to me.

So long story short he busts out and can’t even pay his bar tab, and the table operators took all his stuff, including his worthless treasure map. Clezo’s gonna give it to me for a case of some mediocre brandy I picked up when we were laying on that cargo of alloys. This is gonna be the one, I can feel it. When you and Dad get appointed to the ministry I want one of those cushy appointments that all the Big Wig’s sons get.






“Hit a pure Sabacc today Ama.” Khui looked out over the massive freighter docked off the lower level spar. “Positive, other guy had negative. Could of won a planet with a large enough stake.”

He walked over to the table and poured two glasses of the brandy, “Kinda feel like that guy right now. A whole years worth of crap mining wages wiped out in a cooler.” He poured one glass onto the floor, before shooting the other, “Stuff not good enough to sip. Two hours. That’s how long I delayed our launch, for brandy that’s not even good enough to sip.”

In a burst of furious movement Khui grabbed up the bottle and smashed it against the bulkhead window sending shards of crystal flying back towards his snarling face. An angry crimson stream ran down where a tear should have been. He turned and left Eurrsk’s office, this time he wouldn’t feel bad about someone else having to clean up his mess.


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