Eurrsk Gambit

As Diqa

“Odds are nobody will ever read this. . .” Khui looked into the hidden compartment in his footlocker, as he typed the note,

My Friends: Elwan I think this gun did used to have a silver finish, maybe it was the one you were looking for all along. Gisli, enclosed in the contact info for a Celwa Rolan Booli, I believe you will be able to trade him certain flowers currently on board the ship

he stopped for a while after he changed “our ship” to “the ship”, taking a deep breath before continuing.

for a healthy cross pollinating pair of Alderaanian Peppercorn plants. Senk-Ro, this map might be very old, and I once thought it might be valuable, but it probably isn’t. Still I know you keep old things, so maybe you will find a reason to keep this. T’ann, my grenades, may you never need them. Ini, there is more than one use for a Sabacc deck, sometimes the cards can reveal truths about the world. Truths about the world tend to be hard and pointless, but if you find you must seek them anyway, these cards will help you. Dorn, if you are seeing this it likely means that my other friends did me one last favor, and gave you a hand. Fy Alhya Alqadm, Hbybta.

“Odds are nobody will ever read this,” Khui reaches into the footlocker and removes one grenade from the bandoleer, before dropping the datapad, and closing the compartment. “but one can hope”.


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